Why Curry Flavours?

Filled with a farrago of flavours and a lot of love, our range of curries are grounded to perfection to provide the true home experience. If you are a working mother, or low on cash looking for a quick yet delicious 10-minute easy to cook option, then we got your back. If you are wondering if this is healthy? We assure you that it is. Now, aren’t these reasons enticing enough to try out our curries?

Curry Flavours
Exquisite yet Affordable


Curry Flavours
4 Star Health Rating

100% Halal, Nut-Free, Allergen-Free

Made in Australia
Australian Made

Prepared Fresh, Delicious Taste

Curry Flavours
Gourmet dishes in 10 minutes

Easy preparation, lip-smacking curries

Solutions We Provide

Are you a food distributor catering to a large audience? Or, perhaps you are a manufacturer or caterer looking at decent returns in the foodservice industry?

Our extensive experience in the food industry, makes us add value to your business or the quality of food you prepare at home. We have a sincere approach and cater to the specific needs of your establishment. 

What they said...

Hi. I don't usually write to manufactures/supliers. However, after tasting your Beef Vindaloo. I felt I had too. I normally make my curries, from scratch. Adding each ingredient at just the right time and slowly building up the flavours I wanted. After a recommendation, from my butcher (Billy Boy's Butcher, Greenbank) I gave your curry spice mix a go. To say I was impressed, does not do it justice. It was amazing. The flavours were authentic, not high in salt and cooked so quickly. I can assure you, I'll be trying the full range as soon as I can. what a great product you have there and predominately Australian ingredients, can't find that anywhere else. Well done.

Marc Goodwin

I wanted to express how much my family and I enjoy your delicious products. We always buy your brand because we know that your products are of excellence every time! We love the taste it's definitely keeping us through Victoria's hard lockdowns. We have become such loyal customers of your brand and would appreciate it if you could spread some kindness by sending us a sample of your products. In return, we will be passing on the kindness to others during these tough times. Much appreciated!


Very good product, highly recommended, eases cooking and great taste!

Smita Jaykumar

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