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Punjabi Goat Meat Curry Spice Mix – 1KG


Punjabi Goat Meat Curry is the highlight in a carnivore Punjabi’s kitchen. With the cold winter fast approaching it will defiantly warm you up from the inside, whether it be the warmth of the spices or the warmth of fulfilment. We grew up eating this goat curry and I was taught by my grandad who was a master at this. The dish originated in the Indian subcontinent, and has become popular in Southeast Asian and Indo-Caribbean cuisine. In Southeast Asia, the dish was brought by the Indian diaspora in the region and subsequently has influenced local cuisine. This dish has spread throughout the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora in North America and Great Britain. In Indonesia, the dish is called Kari kambing, and usually served with roti cane flatbread or steamed rice. Kare or Kari (curry) is Indian influenced dishes commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Goat curry is popular among Muslim community in the region. Goat meat is a dish that is made during special occasions in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Goat is popular meat of choice for Hindus because they do not eat beef and for Muslims because they do not eat pork, so it is a good medium.


Also, pairs with Beef, Vegetables & Seafood.


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