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English Marsala Sausage Curry Spice Mix – 100G


English Marsala Sausage curry is a delicate and unique flavoursome dish that is an offspring of the Chicken Masala. This was a dish that changed its routes while in the UK. Seeing how curry is a very staple part of the everyday meals in the UK, the age-old favourite Currywurst (German sausages seasoned with curry ketchup), took a turn and the UK-Indian version was invented, English Marsala Sausage Curry. The dish requires sausages to be cooked together with the spice mixes and red wine of course, simmering away and releasing the roasted spice flavours combined with your favourite sausages. The smooth flavours from all the combined and the caramelisation of the onions.
Enjoy the Best Curried Sausages for seriously good comfort food, Aussie style. Grilled sausages, onion slivers and good wine smothered in a thick curry gravy – it’s a satisfying and nourishing dinner your whole family will love.


Also, pairs with Chicken Fillets & Prawns.


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