Pork Chops Vindaloo

Pork Chops Vindaloo

With Mashed Potatoes, Rocket and Pear Salad

When we think of Indian curries that have made a mark in the Western world, a vindaloo ranks high on the list. This is essentially an Anglo-Indian dish made famous from the Goan shores and is an adaptation of the Portuguese dish ‘carne de vinha d’alhos’ (a famous meat preparation using garlic and wine as the main ingredients). The wine got replaced with the vinegar for the sourness and a range of spices were added to make the dish more flavourful and appealing to the Indian tastebuds.

While we all enjoy a hearty bowl of vindaloo with rice or rotis, it’s time to change things up a bit.

I am of the opinion that all spice blends are versatile. While these might have been created for traditional dishes, we can always use these to add new twists and create fusion dishes in our kitchen. Today, I have used the Curry Flavours Beef Vindaloo blend to make these delicious, lip-smacking Pork Chops which will be served with creamy mashed potatoes and a vibrant and refreshing rocket and pear salad with balsamic dressing.

The most important part of a vindaloo is the spice blend. And Curry Flavours has made it so easy for us to have this complex spice blend just by opening a bottle.

It’s a simple, straightforward recipe that requires very few ingredients. A surprise ingredient is tomato sauce which lends a touch of sweet tanginess to balance out the spices and aromatics in the Beef Vindaloo blend. These together form the base of the sauce for the pork chops, almost similar to a steak and gravy.

Creamy, buttery mashed potatoes is an excellent side to the sweet n’ spicy pork chops vindaloo. And so is the rocket pear salad with balsamic dressing that lends the fresh, vibrant flavour and texture to complete the meal.

Vindaloo... with a Twist!

Beef with Beef Vindaloo Spice Mix
Beef Vindaloo with Beef Vindaloo Curry Spice Mix 1


1. 4 pork loin chops
2. 3 tbsp vegetable oil
3. Salt, to season
4. Freshly milled black pepper, to season
5. 4 tbsp Curry Flavours Beef Vindaloo
6. 2 tbsp tomato sauce
7. Fresh parsley; for garnish


1. Remove the outer rind of the pork chops. Wash and pat dry.
2. Season the pork chops with salt and pepper.
3. Add 2tbsp oil and place a pan on medium high heat. When hot, sear the outer edge of the chops for 3 minutes or until nice and golden. Use the tongs for a single chop or else use skewers if cooking multiple chops at the same time.
4. Cook the chops on one side for 3 minutes and then turn over and cook for another 2 minutes. Remove from pan and keep aside.
Pork Vindaloo with Pork Vindaloo Curry Spice Mix 2
Pork Vindaloo with Pork Vindaloo Curry Spice Mix 1
5. In a bowl, add the Curry Flavours Beef Vindaloo mix and add enough water to make a thick paste.
6. Place another pan on low heat and add 1 tbsp oil. When warm, add the Beef Vindaloo spice paste and cook on low heat for 1-2 minutes constantly stirring and taking care not to burn.
7. Then add the tomato sauce and mix well. Add enough water to get a thick sauce like consistency and then place the cooked pork chops. Cook covered for 2 minutes and then turn the pork chops over and cook for another minute. You can add more water if the sauce feels to thick. Finish off with chopped parsley.
8. To serve, place a scoop of mashed potatoes on a plate and then place a pork chop on top. Add a side of the salad and then spoon over a bit of the vindaloo sauce over the pork chop and mashed potatoes.
Pork Vindaloo with Pork Vindaloo Curry Spice Mix


You can substitute the pork chops with lamb chops, chicken Maryland or other meat cuts but cooking timings will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Wine Pairing

Dalrymple Pinot Noir 2020 This Pinot Noir from Tasmania has a beautiful deep garnet colour, intense aromas of blackberry, dark cherry and has a juicy plum and dark fruits flavour on the palate. An excellent pairing with the pork vindaloo.

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Dalrymple Pinot Noir 2020 An Good Pairing With The Pork Vindaloo.

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