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Curry Flavours has business solutions and the answer to some of the challenges faced by food service providers who are looking to add variety to their offerings. The challenges that are addressed by Curry Flavours include savings in production cost, healthy and allergen- free offerings, and much more. We believe that our products meet the objectives of KPI and everyone in the value chain to give a sustainable commercial advantage. Some of the solutions that we offer to various industry sectors where cater to their food service needs are-


Most of the tuck-shops are run by P&C associations or small operators. The major challenges of tuck-shops include running the canteens profitably while complying with government guidelines by stocking and selling food that is classified as only GREEN and AMBER by Health Department. In addition, there is also an acute shortage of skilled volunteers who can help prepare and pack lunches.

We understand these challenges and have resolved them by developing products that are school worthy and also got them certified as an ESSENTIAL ingredient category by Healthy Kids association. This is not only profitable for the tuck-shops but also highly affordable to school children without the requirement of skilled staff.

The Requisites :

Healthy Kids Certified


Part of a Balanced Diet


The major challenge of foodservice in the Healthcare industry is to provide affordable, healthy and cost-effective food solutions. We at Curry Flavours understand this challenge and hence we have made our products compliant to the needs of the sector at an affordable cost per serve giving value to both the providers and their customers.

The Requisites :


Cost Effective

Allergen Controlled

Butcheries & Small Goods

Butcheries face a major challenge of stiff competition and now since meat products are also available in supermarket chains that makes the competition even more cut throat. To sustain in such an environment, the small goods stores have to constantly innovate by bringing in value-added products to the market.

At Curry Flavours, we resolve this challenge wherein butcheries and small goods retailers can use our spice blends to come up with innovative marinated solutions that can be directly used by customers without adding any other ingredients to prepare curries, burger patties, readymade pizzas and much more in both fresh as well as frozen offerings.

The Requisites :


Value Added

Meal Creator


In the Hospitality industry, restaurants and clubs face the challenge of menu creation, authenticity, labour, maintaining profitability amidst stiff competition and cost pressure. It is to address this challenge we have come up with 60 different flavors of authentic spice blends that give much greater options for menu creation, authentic flavorsome offerings at a decent cost per serving.

The Requisites :


Menu Creation

Eliminating the need for Skilled staff

Remote Camp Management Services

For the facilities management industry, a major challenge arises out of the remoteness of many mining campsites. Supplying fresh food in these sites call for considerable logistics and planning to ensure compliance with customer standards so as to ensure the health and safety of mine site employees.

We at Curry Flavours understand this challenge. Therefore, the spice blends that we have manufactured ticks most of the box which a food service personnel in a remote camp management company is looking for. Our products are made in Australia and comply with all the required standards. The product is free from major allergens and that makes it edible for anyone. It is in powdered form and hence storage and handling are not an issue and the dishes made using our products are cook-chill and freeze-thaw stable.

The Requisites :

Quick and Simple acknowledging the lack of skilled labour

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