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Beef Madras Curry – 1KG


Beef Madras curry is a spicy curry with a red tinge in the colour and with just the right use of paprika powder. Yoghurt is often used to take away some or all the heat. Madras curry is said to originate from the south of India and gets its name from the city known as Madras when English merchants arrived there in 1640 (now Chennai). However, the name ‘Madras Curry’ is not used in India but was invented by restaurants in Britain. The blending of the spices usually means the result often being that of: red colour; toasty spices; and the smoothness of the roasted coconut and coconut cream, the sour-sweet fruitiness of tamarind, a slight liquorice flavour of anise and ginger. The redness is achieved with chilli or a mixture of chilli and paprika, and the orange of turmeric. A true blended masterpiece.


Also, pairs with Vegetables, Seafood, Lamb, Cottage Cheese & Potatoes.



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